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Danh Võ
19 July 2014 - 28 September 2014
Carol Rama
19 July 2014 - 28 September 2014

Danh Võ, installation view, Nottingham Contemporary 2014. Photo Andy Keate.

Danh Võ, Good Life, 2007. Cultural Boys, Saigon, 1962. Collection Alpegiani, Torino. Courtesy the artist, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin. Photographer: Nick Ash.

Carol Rama, Teatrino. 1937. European Collection. © Archivio Carol Rama, Turin

Carol Rama, Tonsure (Omaggio a Marcel Duchamp), 2002. Simonetta Sapegno Severini, Milan. © Archivio Carol Rama, Turin

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