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Teacher Planning Workshop

Teacher Planning Workshop

ESOL Events, Workshops and Resources

ESOL resources available to download:

We have a number of resources and guidance notes available to enhance your visit to Nottingham Contemporary. Some of these are specific to the current exhibition (these will have the name of the exhibition in their title). Other resources can be used to support any ESOL group visit. Our aim is to create a bank of general activities which will be regularly updated and can be easily linked to the ESOL cirriculum. To view these resources, please follow the links at the bottom of this web page.

ESOL workshops for Groups

For groups who would like a more interactive experience our team of Associate Artists offer  inspiring and engaging workshops for ESOL students which combine developing language skills with practical creative activities.

Read what previous participants had to say:

“The activities were ‘learner-led’ rather than ‘teacher led’ and very interactive. This was really empowering for the students and I think they appreciated this freedom.”

"We don’t get chance to draw in class really and the freedom to move around the gallery and respond to new sights and sounds was extremely beneficial.”

“The whole thing was a very positive experience and you pitched it just right for our group. Both staff and students are very grateful for a wonderful day at Nottingham Contemporary.”

Cost: £95 for groups based in Nottingham City and £120 for those outside the city boundary. Sessions include language based activities in the galleries and practical activities in our Studio space. For more information or to book a workshop contact us on 0115 948 9750 or