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Anne Collier

The Anne Collier exhibition took place between 22 January and 27 March 2011 and explored the artist’s relationship with photography though her engagement with clichéd posters and magazine and album covers, which are often re-photographed by Collier against flat, plain surfaces.

In an interview with Alex Farquharson published within the Exhibition Notes, she spoke of her interest in depictions of women within professional camera magazines and journals of the late 1970s and early 1980s, particularly those that featured women posed  as if taking photographs, a form of imagery that was often highly sexualised, and unapologetically sexist.

The exhibition also included Collier’s re-photography of photographs that she has herself taken - such as Eye (2007), a print of a close-up of her own eye floating within a developing tray within a photographic darkroom. 

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