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Twinning Ceremony. Image courtesy Mathew Trivett

Twinning Ceremony. Image courtesy Mathew Trivett

Events - Talks

Utopia, community and ecology

with Oliver Rodker and Lucy Sargisson

26 Feb 2013

6.30 - 8.30pm


Cafe. Bar. Contemporary

This conversation will consider the place of utopian thinking for social and ecological practices.

Oliver Rodker is a founding member of the Landmatters Permaculture Community. Currently working with the Ecological Land Co-operative, he has been involved in environmental activism for the past two decades. Lucy Sargisson is Associate Professor at the School of Politics and International Relations, at the University of Nottingham; she has written extensively on the politics of feminism and ecology and is author of Fool's Gold, an exploration of utopianism in the twenty-first century.


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