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Aids Awareness

Aids Awareness

World Aids Day Awareness Concert

World Aids Day Awareness Concert

Freddie Koft

Freddie Koft

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World Aids Day Awareness Concert

at Cafe.Bar.Contemporary

01 Dec 2010

On December 1st 2010, Café-Bar Contemporary will be hosting Nottingham’s 1st ever World Aids Day Awareness Concert.
The concert is inspired by Nottingham singer-songwriter Freddie Kofi. Sparked by his life-changing trip to Ghana in 2000, when he received an official invitation from the Ghana Ministry of Education to be guest artist for their Aids Awareness campaign to schools. Whilst there, Kofi saw many different communities working together to highlight HIV/Aids awareness and prevention. Now a decade later we bring you this exciting and refreshing event to highlight Aids awareness in the UK.

Be ready to be entertained by the most exciting cross-cultural artists that reflect Nottingham’s diverse and thriving music scene.

Performing Artists include
Legendary Reggae singer Percydread
Eastern European roots band Muha
The G.O.A Gang of Angels) Contemporary Choir
Soul singer Mique
Contemporary Gospel singer Kimberley Stewart
Special guest performance by award winning singer songwriter Freddie Kofi.

Speakers on the night include

Freddie Kofi, Respected author and criminologist,
Martin Glyn (recently awarded the 2010 Winston Churchill International Traveling Fellowship) award
Bea Udeh (Nottingham Playhouse producer and BRIT Regional Director) & and still to be announced a representative from a Sexual Health organisation based in Nottingham.

During the night there will be an open-mic section, so come early and sign up to perform.

Plus take part in a special prize draw - all profits will go to charity.

So, come along, show your support by wearing something red, make a positive difference and raise awareness. Nottingham Represent!

Hosted by Rastarella Falade.
A Cultural Vibrations/BritGos Music Entertainment collaboration.


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