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End of The Summer School Archive

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Winter Detox

Toxic Objects and Inhospitable Environments

19 Jan 2016

What better way to start the New Year than with a detox?! 

Mobilising the language of toxicity is a tried and tested element of strategies for individualised health management (”Detox!”, “Declutter!” and so on) but one it quickly shifts into territories that are far less easy to subdue. The “pharmakon”, the ancient Greek term meaning both remedy and poison, illustrates an ambiguity in the toxicological register whose consequences are far from having been fully explored. Name your poison! 

Organised around ideas about “toxic objects” and “inhospitable environments” this workshop builds on the explorations of toxicity across the ecological registers of the mental, social, and natural, initiated at theEnd of the Summer School held at Nottingham Contemporary in September last year, so as to look a bit more closely at the myriad ways in which poisons shape our lives. No special preparation or previous attendance is required for participation, although the workshop is collaborative in intention and will benefit from some forethought. 

4 - 6.30pm   End of the Summer School conclussions and future planning**
6 - 6.30pm   Green Juice Break
6.30 - 8pm   Toxic Objects and Inhospitable Enviroments 
**Please note that attendance to the End of the Summer School is not required in order to be part of this session.


With Centre for Critical Theory at the University of Nottingham.


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