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Autographed photograph of Mae West from Andy Warhol’s childhood movie star scrapbook,ca. 1938 – 1941. Collection of the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

Autographed photograph of Mae West(...),ca. 1938 – 1941. Collection of the Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh

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Warhol's LA

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03 Dec 2013 - 04 Dec 2013

Tuesday 3 December
Wednesday 4 December



A collector of signed star portraits since boyhood, Andy Warhol was fascinated by the Hollywood dream factory. Two of his most important Pop exhibitions took place at LA’s Ferus gallery, but he never achieved his dreamed-of Hollywood movie deal. Instead he created his own ersatz studio and his own Factory Superstars in New York.
Warhol’s cinema is where his dialogue with LA is most pronounced, and where his marginal relationship with the movie mainstream strikes a chord with Asco’s concept of the No Movie. Warhol’s LA offers a chance to uncover Warhol as a film-maker and Hollywood fan. It includes screenings of two of the feature length films he shot in LA, amongst other rare treats.
Conceived in collaboration with Gary Needham, co-editor with Glyn Davis of Warhol in Ten Takes’ (BFI, 2013) and with the support of the School of Arts & Humanities, Nottingham Trent University.


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