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If Atoms Could Tell Stories, Mala CHERGA Theatre

If Atoms Could Tell Stories, Mala CHERGA Theatre

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Walkthrough: Mala Cherga Theatre

Evening Tour and Performance

20 Jan 2016

Mala Cherga Theatre responds to the exhibition through their dance piece If Atoms Could Tell Stories. Introduced by Dr Maja Makula, Nottingham Trent University.
If Atoms Could Tell Stories is an autobiographical interdisciplinary dance theatre performance dealing with identity, loss, memory and nostalgia. An artist from Yugoslavia looks back at what it’s like to lose a father and one day wake up to a county at war; what it’s like to lose one's home, family, language, country and make a new life in another place, another country, another language. 
History is not unalterable. Space is complex in how it connects. The universe itself is forked. If we knew how to manipulate space-time, the illusion of our singular linear lives would collapse. And if our lives here are not the total, our death here will not be final.” This is the story that happened in the future.
Walk with me; hand in hand through this narrative. I need to tell a story where no story can be told.” Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries
Mala CHERGA Theatre (Little Carriage Theatre) is a dance, movement and physical theatre company that incorporates different art forms and collaborates with artists from different disciplines to create work which inspires, evokes, stirs and creates a sense of wonder. The company combines different art forms and practices to communicate ideas and experiences on many different levels whilst challenging our imagination, accepted norms and/or existing forms of theatre. 
The company is also committed to delivering a high quality education and community programme bringing opportunities to children, young people and adults of different backgrounds, abilities and ages to enjoy, communicate and express themselves through fun and creative physical activities in a variety of settings. 
Past work and collaborations: 
Spring Passes, Butoh & contemporary dance quartet (Big Dance 2012 Greater London tour); Helver’s Waltz dance video in collaboration with Waves and Patterns, featuring Juliette Binoche and Dado Džihan, 2011 (available on Youtube); Nautical Shapes, an improvised dance and music performance with sculptures by Jolyon Dupuy (Tea Leaf Arts Gallery, London, 2009), Hegel’s Holiday, interdisciplinary physical theatre performance created during the Momentum residency at Harrow Arts Centre and supported by Playground Studio (2008); Prayer for the South, collaboration with Interkulturalni Teatar III/40 and Zoran Tairović (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2008); Thracian Treasure, dance to poetry by Zdravka Vladova-Momcheva (London, 2007);  Zovem se Bosna (My name is Bosnia), a short film in Collaboration with Theatre With Accent (available on Youtube); Journey Through a Picture Frame, dance & physical theatre performance, 2006 (London tour including Lyric Hammersmith Theatre; the Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression, Zagreb, Croatia)
No need to book. Meet at Reception.
6pm - 6.45pm


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