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OHO/Naško Križnar, Lego, 1967. Marinko Sudac Collection.

OHO/Naško Križnar, Lego, 1967. Marinko Sudac Collection.

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Walkthrough: David Norris

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03 Feb 2016

Art and culture in Yugoslavia from the 1960s to the 1980s was created in a strange combination of new liberalism, seen in trends and ideas imported from the West, and the old standards of communist orthodoxy which still prevailed among the political elite. David Norris will talk about the tensions produced between these conflicting demands. 
It is true that writers, painters, film directors and visual artists were free to explore and create at the boundaries while youth sub-cultures began to appear in the mainstream. The League of Communists of Yugoslavia allowed this play with form and structures and even co-opted the new art when it suited them. But, there were limits to what could be tolerated: What were the authorities trying to protect and how? How far could artists go and when did they have to make compromises? Is there a link between what was happening in this golden age of cultural expression and the final collapse of Yugoslavia?
David Norris is currently Head of the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies at the University of Nottingham where he has taught Serbian and Croatian Studies for 30 years. He has published four books and over 40 articles on modern Yugoslav, Serbian and Croatian culture. His latest book, Haunted Serbia: Representations of History and War in the Literary Imagination, is due out early 2016.
No need to book. Meet at Reception.
2pm - 2.45pm


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