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Conference in The Space

Conference in The Space

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On Translations

International Conference

17 Feb 2018

This one-day event of talks and performances brings together artists and scholars to explore the cultural and political contradictions that arise in processes of translation.
The conference aims to question the ambiguities embedded in translation, ranging from the erasure of languages and epistemologies by colonialism, to contemporary transnational and globalised connections.
Speakers include: Andrew Goffey, Dima Hamadeh, Fehras Publishing Practices, Ghazal Mosadeq, Quinsy Gario, Rana Hamadeh, Stefan Nowotny, and more...
On the occasion of this conference Nottingham Contemporary is launching The Contemporary Journal – an online branch of the On Translations series and a new web platform to host new text and image-based formats to further explore Public Programmes and Research debates.
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