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Tracing Mobility

Tracing Mobility

Frank Abbott in 'From Here To The End of My Garden' photo: Karen Fraser

Frank Abbott in 'From Here To The End of My Garden' Photo: Karen Fraser

Tracing Mobility

Tracing Mobility

Events - Talks

Tracing Mobility

Cartography and Migration in Networked Space

15 May 2010

Tracing Mobility is a series of events produced by Radiator which aim to increase knowledge about the cultural aspects of future mobility and the new spaces created by electronic networks.

This symposium examines themes that include digital culture, urban infrastructure, migration and the convergence of off-line and online worlds.

Participants include: Frank Abbott (UK); Active Ingredient [Rachel Jacobs] (UK); Robin Bhattacharya (UK/CH); Heath Bunting (UK); Simon Faithfull (UK/DE); James Kennard (UK); plan b [Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers] (UK/DE); Katarzyna Krakowiak (PL); Krzysztof Nawratek (PL/UK); Kate Rich (UK); Michelle Teran (CA/DE); Open_Sailing (Ollie Palmer) (UK); Gordan Savicic (AT/NL); Trebor Scholz (US); Basak Senova (TR); Société Réaliste (HU/FR); Joanna Warsza (PL); Mushon Zer-Aviv (IL/US)

Presentations by artists and speakers from diverse fields as geography, urban theory and computer science will explore what constitutes being nomadic these days and how developments in networked and open source infrastructure are transforming our expectations of 'Place'.

The Tracing Mobility Symposia will also take place in: June/July 2010 The Knot, Warsaw, Poland; and Summer 2011 House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany

For more about Radiator and Tracing Mobility visit

The Space, 10am - 7pm


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