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Towards an Even Geography

Towards an Even Geography

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Towards an Even Geography

01 Jul 2010

Towards an Even Geography celebrates the launch of the 'Even Geographies' pamphlet: an anthology of utopian visions responding to the themes explored in Uneven Geographies, with contributions from artists, refugee groups, academics and poets.

A speaker from The University of Nottingham's Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice will give a short talk about the visions presented in the booklet and the uses and problems of creating utopian alternatives to the present. Participants will then be given the chance to imagine their own global 'even geography', in whatever format they like -materials will be provided. These visions will then be collected and uploaded onto a blog. This event offers an opportunity for participants to flex their artistic and idealistic muscles in a sociable setting.

Organised by Rachel Walls and David Bell.

6pm - 8pm, The Space


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