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Sven Stilinović, Flag, 1984/85. Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

Sven Stilinović, Flag, 1984/85. Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

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The Study Sessions: Mapping Yugoslavia through popular culture

A shared Yugoslav homeland space

11 Feb 2016

The idea of former socialist Yugoslavia as a common homeland to the six constituent national groups and numerous ethnic minorities was promoted by the state through ’soft’ means of persuasion. The exuberant richness of the country’s natural landscapes and cultural histories was offered as a template for an inclusive supra-national belonging, and sustained through popular culture, organised travel and state-sponsored forms of social ritual.
This study session reads the disintegration of former Yugoslavia as closely related to the ultimate failure of the country’s ideological mechanisms to produce a common spatial imaginary, which could be read as ‘home’ by a majority of population.
Dr Maja Mikula is Senior Lecturer in Global Studies at Nottingham Trent University. Her research and publications focus on national identity, borders, transnationalism, digital technologies, new media, popular culture and everyday life, with a focus on Europe's eastern peripheries.
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