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Karpo Godina, The Gratinated Brains of Pupilija Ferkeverk, 1971, film still.

Karpo Godina, The Gratinated Brains of Pupilija Ferkeverk, 1971, film still.

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The Study Sessions: Constructing and Deconstructing Yugoslavia

The role of Youth Movements

25 Feb 2016

Youth movements played an important role in the construction of Tito's Yugoslavia - from the Youth Labour Brigades to the Pioneers. Each year, on May 25th, young people would run a relay race across Yugoslavia to congratulate President Tito on his birthday. Yet in the 1980s, young people also played a significant role in deconstructing that same mythology, with music, journals and other alternative forms of cultural expression.
Led by University of Nottingham PHD students Olivia Hellewell and Laura Todd.
Olivia Hellewell is a literary translator and cultural theorist studying for a PhD on Slovene literature, postsocialist nation building and translation at The University of Nottingham. Her research explores the role of translated literature as a means of projective narratives of Slovene identity since Slovenia’s declaration of independence in 1991.
Laura Todd is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham examining youth films in Russia and Serbia in the post-communist period. After studying for a BA in Russian with Serbian/Croatian at the University of Nottingham, Laura went on to do a MA in Politics, Security and Integration, at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London. Her current research examines the effects of political, economic and social changes on the representation of youth in films of the Soviet Union, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Russia and Serbia.
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