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William Pope.L, White People Are Angles On Fire, 2004. The Studio Museum in Harlem.

William Pope.L, White People Are Angles On Fire, 2004. The Studio Museum in Harlem.

Events - Talks

African-American art and influences

With Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier

07 May 2015

Led by Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier, this session will unpack issues of representation, race and rights as told through text, photojournalism and African American art.

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Free, The Studio

Celeste-Marie Bernier is a Professor of African American Studies at The University of Nottingham and is an associate editor of the Journal of American Studies (Cambridge University Press). Her research focuses on African American history and politics and literature and visual culture spanning from the Eighteenth-Century to present day. She is particularly interested in the way black authors and artists deal with issues around labour, history, slavery and identity in their work. She has explored this in her first book,  African American Visual Arts: From Slavery to the Present (jointly published by The University of North Carolina and Edinburgh University Press in 2008) as well as later books such as “Characters of Blood:" Black Heroism in the Transatlantic Imagination (University of Virginia Press, 2012).  Her forthcoming research projects, due in 2015 with the University of California Press, are the books Imaging Resistance: Representing the Body, Memory and History in Fifty Years of African American and Black British Visual Arts 1960-2010.

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