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Ecosophy Reading Group

Ecosophy Reading Group

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06 Mar 2013 - 03 Apr 2013

Facilitated by Rebecca Beinart and David Bell, this reading group draws on themes from the work of Gilardi and Newling to give participants the opportunity to critically explore the relationship between art, ecology and social relations. Places are limited - please book online, by phone or at the gallery.

Places are limited. To book please email


Wednesdays 6 -8pm

6 Feb/20 Feb/6 Mar/20 Mar/3 Apr

The Study


Wednesday 6th February
This first session will focus on the politics of ecology. Debates from the environmental movement will be discussed, and the (sometimes disturbing) ways in which the term has been used will be considered.

Wednesday 20th February
Session two explores situated arts practice and notions of place. We will look at the work of both Piero Gilardi and John Newling; and examples of ecological communities.

Wednesday 6th March
Session three will focus on ‘ecologies of thought’. We will discuss alternative conceptions of the ecological that focus on the relationships between the environment, human subjectivity and social relations.

Wednesday 20th March
Session four will revolve around prefiguration, participation and creation. How do we create new forms of living in the here-and-now, and what might be the dangers in trying to do so?

Wednesday 3rd April
The final session will explore the current issue of the journal Third Text, a special issue entitled Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology. It will also give participants a chance to reflect on themes throughout the five weeks.

The sessions will be based around pre-distributed material from a variety of sources. These will include theoretical texts, artworks, social movement literature and documentary films.


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