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Stacey McMullen - I Wait EP Launch

Stacey McMullen - I Wait EP Launch

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Stacey McMullen - I Wait


10 Jun 2017

Stacey McMullen is a self-taught classical guitarist form Nottingham England. Before music Stacey spent the earlier years of his life dedicated to political activism and remains a trade unionist. Considering music his hobby he only took to public performance in 2015, yet he impressed audiences immediately.

Stacey has loosely been described as folk given that his musical compositions reflect the traditional music of several countries, though updated with modern lyrics and delivery. It was by releasing a charity song for refugees called ‘Lines in the sand’ that Stacey started to make waves in the Nottingham music scene.

His technical skill was evident but also his ability to write powerful and meaningful songs using simple lyric structures that drive the point home. These are accompanied by complex finger style patterns as well as rhythmically driven flamenco inspired guitar arrangements. His writing however wasn’t limited to politics. Beneath this were a whole range of themes and topics, ranging from philosophy to the heartaches and tribulations of romance that we all experience. Audiences were captivated by the expansive range of topics Stacey discusses which are uniquely set within musical arrangements not typical of singer song writers so omnipresent in music today.

'I Wait’ captures Stacey both as a performer and lyricist. Musically listeners will hear complex finger style guitar. This is technically influenced by Celtic, Blues, Samba, Flamenco and Middle Eastern styles of playing. Lyrically, ‘I Wait’ demonstrates Stacey’s ability to infuse these timeless nostalgic sounds with relatable contemporary lyrics. The title track ‘I Wait’ is a powerful song about unrequited love with toxic undertones. ‘Lines in the Sand’ is a simple yet to the point description of life as a refugee. ‘Baby Girl’ is a universally understood song capturing the problem of romantic timing. And ‘I know’ speaks sharply to the issue of repressed masculinity and the darker side of male mental health.’ ‘I Wait‘ is raw story telling enveloped within sophisticated playing and powerful vocals.'


“Not only could you not take your ears away from his music, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of him” - LeftLion 

Plus support from:
Benjamin Zięć
Benjamin Zięć aka Trekkah Benjamin is a singer/songwriter currently writing, recording and performing in Nottingham, UK. Composing and showcasing acoustic-folk with a raw edge.
Girl & The Stone
Will Jeffery Music and Kymbles Bignell are The GIRL and the STONE. Both already established artists on the Nottingham Scene they've decided to join forces for a new project. Born from afternoon tea sessions and a love for each others vocal styles The Girl and the Stone fast became a creative release for the two dreamers. Will's "smokey folk" style and Kym's talent for weaving harmonies work together to create a magical blend. 

Please note, this event is suitable for over 18s only.

Doors 8pm



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