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© The ...And Beyond Institute for Future Research

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Sonya Dyer: At the Intersections

The...And Beyond Institute for Future Research

10 Jun 2015

The...And Beyond Institute for Future Research - a think tank led by artist Sonya Dyer - presents an exploration of intersectionality, and the Black, female body in time and space. Joined by artists Sutapa Biswas and Ope Sarah Lori, this event uses the artists work - and their responses to Nottingham Contemporary’s current exhibition Glenn Ligon:Encounters and Collisions - to open up a discussion around notions of gender, sexuality, race, class and temporality

6.30pm - 8pm

Free, The Space

The ..And Beyond Institute for Future Research has been working in Nottingham since January 2015, on a commission for Primary's 'Intersections' programme. The project culminates in a cross-disciplnary, two-day public event in September. For further information, please click here.

Sonya Dyer is an artist, writer and occasional curator from London. Her research-based practice often utilises discursive platforms and moving image. Her work is sometimes performative, and often involves working with people. Dyer is concerned with the intersections of art and politics, modes of social organisation, the utilisation of public space and ‘performing’ research in public. Her work explores how subjectivities and alliances are formed, particularly across cultures and disciplines. 

Sutapa Biswas is an artist and curator whose practice maps an intellectual landscape of feminism, diaspora, cultural identity and playfulness onto powerfully visual images, installations and performances and critically written texts. Biswas' practice emerged in the 1980s, when she was primarily a painter. Her paintings such as 'Housewives with Steak-Knives' (1985) and 'As I Stood, Listened and Watched, My Feelings Were, This Woman is Not for Burning' (1986) contributed significantly to debates on race, class and culture. Her works have appeared in exhibitions and permanent collections in the UK and internationally including: Tate Modern, UK; Havana Biennial, Cuba; Yale University Art Gallery, USA; Neuberger Museum, USA; Beppu Triennial, Japan.

Ope Lori is a conceptual and political artist who works primarily with moving image and photography, around politics of representation, race, gender and sexual identity, and the female form in popular culture. Playfully re-writing these racialized scripts of looking and being seen, recognition and misrecognition take place through the use of homoerotic images of, and between, black women and white women in visual dialogues. New to her recent work is the incorporation of the male form.

The ...And Beyond Institute for Future Research is developing an artistic proposition for an intersectional feminist Space programme, positioning Space travel as a form of women’s work.



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