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Young Contemporary, SOFA

Young Contemporary, SOFA

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A documentary film by Benjamin Wigley

28 Oct 2009

On Wednesday the adventure begins....
Get Involved 17's beautiful Nottingham Contemporary Sofa will begin its journey, starting at 9am in the heart of our city: Old Market Square.

As we follow the sofa on its voyage around Nottingham, anyone is welcome to take the weight off their feet and chat to your host, whilst being encouraged to draw, write or doodle on the sofa itself.

Get Involved 17 will visit six locations in the city inviting the public to comment on the glorious art work. The film and sofa will be shown when Nottingham Contemporary opens in November.

Nottingham City, 9am - 8pm
Below is a list of locations and times followed by the artwork featured next to the sofa:

9am - 11am - Old Market Square
David Hockney, A bigger Splash

11am - 12.30pm - The Forest Recreation Ground
Francis Stark, I went through my bin again

12.30pm - 2.00pm - Arboretum
Francis Stark, And brppptzap the subject

2pm - 4pm - Nottingham Castle
David Hockney, Life painting for a diploma

4pm - 5.30pm - Outside Nottingham train station
David Hockney, Cleanliness is next to godliness

5.30pm - 7.30pm - Corner House/Trinity Square/Theatre Royal
Francis Stark, Backside of a performance

Watch the video on the link below.


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