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Show and (Fore)Tell

Show and (Fore)Tell

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Show and (Fore)Tell

Rocks, Bees and Laser Brooms Free

31 Mar 2010

In the spirit of Star City, Nottingham Contemporary will try to predict the future, with the help of three speakers on geology, natural history and technology.

Post Works invites the audience to embark on a tour of Nottingham's Monuments of the Near Future. The tour will present a series of imagined future scenarios for Nottingham, its architecture, infrastructure and industry. Post Works, founded by Melissa Appleton and Matthew Butcher, is a collective working across the fields of architecture, art and performance.

Jan Zalasiewicz, Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester’s Geology Department, will examine the legacy humans will leave in rocks. Reviewing his book The Earth After Us, Robin McKie wrote in The Observer “What fragments of our cities, dams and factories may be detectable in, say, 100 million years time? It is a simple but intriguing experiment…”

Albert Einstein predicted mankind would only have four years left if honey bees disappeared. All the more reason, then, to hear artist and beekeeper Alison Knox. Intensive agriculture, climate change, and sheer ignorance are causing their numbers to decline, she says. What can we do to save them – and us?

When space satellites crash into each other they create an orbiting layer of trash – a Cosmic Drift that could potentially wipe out our telecommunication systems. Steve Rowell, an artist and member of the Centre for Land Use Interpretation, will discuss how the British and US military are hoping to clean up space with laser brooms.

The Space, 7pm - 8.30pm

Show and Tell is a continuing series of conversations, complementing our Lost and Found lectures.