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Richard Taws The Revolutionary Image, from Gillray to Haiti

The Plum Pudding in Danger by James Gillray (1757 - 1815) Hand-coloured etching © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

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The Revolutionary Image, from Gillray to Haiti

Richard Taws (UCL)

16 May 2012

7 - 9pm

The Space

Gillray’s caustic representations of the French Revolution form part of a complex culture of print media - and his images were reproduced and re- appropriated on both sides of the Channel. Richard Taws reveals the French Revolution’s role in spurring on further transformations in communication media. Technological revolutions - such as telegraphy - were fuelled by a desire to spread utopian ideals over great distance at high speed. The desire to conquer time and space however confronted a conundrum - presented to the French in the form of the Haitian Revolution - how could France spread a message of universal human rights, while also profiting from colonialism and slave economy?

Dr. Richard Taws currently teaches eighteenth and nineteenth century European art at University College London.

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