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Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson

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Richard Dawson


25 Sep 2013

Doors 8pm, live from 9pm


Richard Dawson has been a much-loved musical spectacle in his native Newcastle for many years and is now seen as one of the most fascinating and enigmatic singer songwriters performing in the UK today. Singing and playing guitar with a rare intensity and very singular style, he’s one of a few current English songwriters that has successfully straddled the lines between the traditional, the avant-garde and the most awarding pop music.

The peerless new album The Glass Trunk has bent listeners’ minds far and wide too; Dawson’s music is a collision of opposites; his hoarsely cracking voice suddenly rising to a magical soar that’s been compared to Tim Buckley, John Martyn and Richard Youngs, while his battered acoustic guitar veers from stumble to sublime in a way that can recall Sir Richard Bishop or Captain Beefheart. The sense of place in Richard Dawson’s work is almost overwhelming. It’s not just in the clear love for stories, song and community. It’s not the folk of enclosure or conservation, but of lived, shared, enjoyed experience. It can be messy, funny and rambling and it’s all the better for it.

If you’ve ever seen him live you know there’s no live performer quite like him. A capella songs with that amazing voice, mind-blowing stories and humour that’ll make you laugh until it hurts and his unique guitar sound and style. Loveable, unique and hilarious, we’d really recommend you see this.


Supported by Surfacing - Driving dub and techno anxiously towards a precipice of transformation, Surfacing balance the scrape of industrial dancehall rhythms with dissonant tones and fragile beauty in the post punk tradition of insurrectionary hope.


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