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Shadow Writing (Lace/Variations) - Jacquard Loom. Image courtesy of Lorenzo Sandoval

Shadow Writing (Lace/Variations) - Jacquard Loom. Image courtesy of Lorenzo Sandoval

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Project Space Restructured

Private View

25 May 2018


Project Space


Join us for the opening of the newly re-designed project space by artist and curator Lorenzo Sandoval. Shadow Writing (Lace/Variations) presents a space for encounters in a setting made of a modular furniture system that can provide different combinations. It works as a hosting place for meetings, a display system and a library.
Collabor-8 collective a newly commission performance by Hal Mayer, who will respond to the new space design, reflecting on the themes of labour, computation and domestic space.
Performance will start at 6pm
Free, Drop in
Hal Mayer has been producing theatre pieces for over 3 years. He has performed and been programmed for stages such as the Royal Opera House, The Royal Concert Hall and Lakeside Theatre. Drawing inspiration from stop motion films and 'The Theatre of Cruelty', his work consist of an amalgamation of artistic disciplines; ranging from Hip Hop Dance to performance art. Mayer’s work is heavily narrative focused, choreographing movement after the story has been solidified.
Collabor-8 are a group of young people that meet up regularly at our gallery to help us shape and run our Youth Programme, events and opportunities. They are a friendly group of people aged 15-25 who speak openly and constructively about ways we can effectively connect young people throughout the city with our gallery, acting as a voice for the wider youth sector.
The collective work on regular events and creative workshops within our gallery and outreach projects throughout the city – developing invaluable skills along the way. They are young, honest and ambitious and they want their voice to represent the arts, culture and communities throughout Nottingham City!