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Courtesy of Alan Armstrong and Tethervision

Courtesy of Alan Armstrong and Tethervision

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In Production

12 Jan 2011

Wednesday 12 January, 7-9pm
Free, The Space, book with the link below

This is the fourth event in a series offering a platform for Nottingham and Midlands based artists working in video.

Alan Armstrong, an artist based in Nottingham, will present a new work which documents his attempt to build a soapbox car and compete in a soapbox derby in Lincolnshire, with no previous experience of construction or competitive racing.

Ian Nesbitt and Catherine Hunter will present 'The Model', a collaboration between the two artists which they describe as an investigation 'into the arcane field of salvage ethnography', using two pieces of footage shot nine years apart of the same part of Cresswell Colliery.

The new video works shown are considered by the artists to be in development. The event will provide an opportunity for them to open up a discussion around their work with the audience, asking for constructive feedback.


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