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 Island Story by J.D. Taylor (detail book cover)

Island Story by J.D. Taylor (detail book cover)

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Discussion with J.D. Taylor

11 Aug 2016

Join author J.D. Taylor as he discusses his new book, Island Story, relaying a four month cycle across Britain questioning ideas and experiences of identity, memory, protest and belonging. Interviewing strangers in supermarkets, pubs and roadsides, Taylor discovers an island unravelling, disorientated by deindustrialisation and a remote, London-based political establishment whose contempt for the rest of the island is increasingly apparent. With local writers and artists, Taylor will be exploring experiences of Nottingham and its surroundings, both his own and those he encountered whilst in the city. This evening of discussion will draw on Nottingham in literature, music and cinema, as well as probe into its more rebellious histories. In a moment of disintegration and deadlock, what does Nottz' own stories indicate about the wider trajectory of the island?

'In the spirit of Cobbett this is a beautifully written account of a journey around contemporary Britain which is both political and poetic - a rare combination.' - Anna Minton.

'If you want to know what Starkey, Fox, Bryson and Paxman miss, because they travel different roads - this is the book for you.' - Danny Dorling

J.D. Taylor is a support worker and PhD researcher from South London, and author of Negative Capitalism: Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era (Zero Books, 2013).


The Space, 6.30-8.30pm



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