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Normal, 2012, UK, Nick Mai, 65 min.

Normal, 2012, UK, Nick Mai, 65 min.

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Nottingham Red Project

Normal (2012)

06 Dec 2016

Screening of Normal, (unrated), documentary, 2012, UK, Nick Mai, 65 min.

Normal is a creative documentary based on an anthropologcal research about the relationship between migration, the sex industry and sex trafficking. The film brings the real life stories of male, female and transgender migrants working in the sex industry to the screen.

Q&A with Professor Nick Mai and Neil Radford Ps, Head of Nottingham's Prostitution Task Force.

Read more about Nottingham Red Project here:

Free, The Space, 6.30 - 9pm


Project organized by Firefly Leicester Community Interest Company in partnership with NAE, Nottingham Contemporary and POW. Funded by the Big Lottery through the Big Lottery.



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