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Asco, Instant Mural © 1974 Harry Gamboa, Jr.

Asco, Instant Mural © 1974 Harry Gamboa, Jr.

Events - Talks

Harry Gamboa Jr

& Rita Gonzalez

15 Oct 2013

An opportunity to reveal both the original context of Asco's production and its current place within a history of contemporary art practice in Los Angles and beyond. The evening will opens with a presentation by Rita Gonzalez, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Los Angles County Museum of Art.

 Asco member Harry Gamboa Jr. will then discuss the group’s formation, their strategic use of the photographic image, and the social dynamics involved in producing works in East LA in the period 1972-85.

6.30pm - 8.30pm Free, The Space

Live broadcast online.





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