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Halley's Comet, The Yerkes Observatory, 29th May 1910.

Halley's Comet, The Yerkes Observatory, 29th May 1910.

Events - Talks

The Night of the Comet

05 Nov 2010

Music, performance and poetry inspired by the H.G. Wells novel In the Days of the Comet – the subtitle of BAS7. The galleries will be open late, and we will be examining astrology, parallel or many worlds theory, history, infinity and the Apocalypse. Writer and live artist Michael Pinchbeck will explore poetic and literary references to the comet in history, entwined with his own interest in the apocalyptic. Mike Chavez-Dawson and Len Horsey will perform a Live Text tour of the exhibition, creating playful links between the art works. An audio guide – available as a free download – will chart the history of the BAS.
DJs will create a celestial soundtrack. Enjoy a mystic moment as intimate readings reveal your future as dictated by the cosmos. Finally, to celebrate Bonfire Night we will be serving Dirty Snowball cocktails – and handing out sparklers. Download the Night of the Comet audio guide in advance through our website and bring along an mp3 player. Dress warmly.

Galleries and reception area 6pm – 10pm


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