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Image courtesy Simon Starling and The Modern Institute

Image courtesy Simon Starling and The Modern Institute

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Narrating the Anthropocene:

With Georgina Endfield and Martin Mahoney

21 Apr 2016

This session will be a discussion around the trajectory of the anthropocene, and the different ways in which that trajectory has been narrated by different actors. It will introduce perspectives from environmental history on the significance of the narratives and stories we tell about nature and human relationships with it, and will ask what scientific, political and ethical implications different narratives of the anthropocene convey. With Georgina Endfield and Martin Mahony.

Georgina Endfield is Professor of Environmental History at the University of Nottingham. She has particular interests in climate history and human response and the implications of extreme weather events in  UK, African and Mesoamerican context. She is currently leading or co leading several Arts and Humanities Research Council funded projects exploring these themes. She is President of the International Commission for the History of Meteorology and Editor of the Anthropocene Review published by Sage    

Martin Mahony is a human geographer with interests in environmental politics and the history of science. He's written on the relationships between scientific knowledge and the politics of climate change, the visual cultures of environmental risk, and the historical development of climate modelling. He's currently pursuing new work on the history of the atmospheric sciences in Britain's colonial empire.  


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