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Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid, Seizure, videofilm, 2015, still.

Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid, Seizure, videofilm, 2015, still.

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Monuments / Necropolitics / Biopolitics

With Marina Grzinic

09 Feb 2016

Marina Grzinic’s thesis is that the ways of monumentalization or de-monumentalization of the war in the 1990s in the Balkan, former Yugoslavia, have several paradoxical, pathological and tragic faces in the political and social realm of global capitalism. Based on such a point of departure, memory and history as well have to be re-thought in connection to the wars in the Balkan in the 1990s, and in relation to the aftermath of the wars' monumentalizations in the time of global capitalism and of the construction of the European Union solely as Fortress Europe.  
Psychosis for Grzinic means to think of the madness that is engaging a lot of people: money, power and a complete erasure of history. All this is in the end a symptom of a neoliberal global capitalism. In a word this presents a pure necropolitical measure (necro means death), a death of history, through an over mythologization of memory that is the mark of a castrated public space of political thinking and intensified by an economic crisis.
Marina Grzinic is a philosopher, theoretician and artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 1993 she has been at the Institute of Philosophy at the Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts.
Today, she serves as a professor and research adviser. Since 2003, she has also been a Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. She publishes extensively, lectures worldwide and has been involved in videofilm productions since 1982. Marina Grzinic's theoretical work focuses on a theory of ideology, theory of technology, biopolitics/necropolitics, and transfeminism in connection with decoloniality.
Some of her published work:
Grzinic, Re-politicizing art, theory, representation and new media technology, Vienna: Schlebrügge.Editor, cop. 2008. 
Grzinic and Rosa Reitsamer, New feminism : worlds of feminism, queer and networking conditions, Vienna:Löcker, 2008.
Grznic and Sefik Tatlic, Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism. Historicization of Biopolitics and Forensics of Politics, Art, and Life, US: Lexington books,  2014. 
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Free, The Space


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