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Britain's Black Legacy (Mogniss Abdallah & Ken Fero/45mins/1991/UK France)

Britain's Black Legacy (Mogniss Abdallah & Ken Fero/45mins/1991/UK France)

Who Polices The Police (Ken Fero/52mins/2012/UK)

Who Polices The Police (Ken Fero/52mins/2012/UK)

Events - Film

Migrant Media

Film Night

28 Feb 2017

Migrant Media was established in 1989 and is a collective of radical film makers working in documentary production. Self-described as activists embedded with communities of social and political interest, Migrant Media's work has a focus on race and class with a central narrative of resistance.

In this film night we screen two films that will be followed by a panel discussion with the director Ken Fero, Marica Rigg (sister of Sean Rigg, United Families & Friends Campaign), Lisa Robinson (Bright Ideas Nottingham) and Bussa (Nottingham City Monitor).

Who Polices The Police? (2012) dir. Ken Fero

Sean Rigg dies in a caged area in Brixton Police Station in August 2008 and the Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC) are called in to investigate. Sean’s family are shocked at the death and this soon turns to anger when the government-appointed IPCC begin to make error after error in its inquiry – is it incompetence or collusion?

Using powerful testimonies, poetry and political analysis of police violence, this film explores the tactics of the IPCC and, through the family of Sean Rigg, challenges its claim that the IPCC is independent of the police.

Britain's Black Legacy (1991) dir. Ken Fero & Mogniss H. Abdallah

Britain's Black Legacy interweaves archive material with personal testimonies from those involved in the fight of black communities in Britain to live without fear of racial attacks. Retracing the history of the struggles, the film shows how the legacy of resistance opened up fundamental questions around policing and the entire judicial system in Britain.


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