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Mas Y Mas

Mas Y Mas

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Mas Y Mas + Dj Mazzini

03 Nov 2012

Cafe Bar Contemporary
7.30pm - 12am

Más Y Más are a mestizo acoustic power trio performing the songs of Rikki Thomas-Martinez; songs of love, celebration, fiesta and of people finding common humanity beyond race, caste or creed.

What is Mestizo music? Mestizo means in Spanish a mix of cultures and is a term now used to describe music that has an Hispanic / Latin root with other cultural and musical influences. Sung in Spanish, Rikki's songs are an irresistible meeting of Latino, Flamenco and Afro-Cuban influences woven together by driving dance rhythms and rich vocal harmonies.

The band use acoustic instruments playing them with such passion and skill that the result is electrifying, much greater than the sum of its parts. This is not fusion music.

The music of Más Y Más is original, contemporary and fresh with a timeless, enduring appeal. This term describes the music of Más Y Más perfectly.


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