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Marking the Contours

Marking the Contours

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Alison Lloyd

Marking the Contours

26 Feb 2013

5.00 - 6.15pm


(Departing from outside the main entrance, Nottingham Contemporary)

In collaboration with the University of Nottingham Fine Art Visiting Artists programme, Nottingham Contemporary is acting as a meeting point for an artist's walk by Alison Lloyd, followed by a talk in The Space.

Alison will lead a short urban walk, departing from Nottingham Contemporary at 5pm, leading on to an artist's talk in The Space until 6.15pm, and concluding with an opportunity to join in the Wasteland Conversation in Cafe.Bar Contemporary at 6.30pm.

Places can be booked by following the link below.

Fine Art at the University of Nottingham is based within the School of Education and hosts a regular programme of talks and tutorials with visiting artists and art professionals.

As a walking artist, Alison Lloyd leads walks for arts organisations and arts festivals, as well as designing and planning and collaborating on walks by, with and for artists, walkers, mountaineers, PhD Students, land poets, families - and anybody going out for a stroll once in a while. In these walks the art has been the destination, the journey and the walk. She is also researching contemporary art and hill walking with a particular focus on women artists who have used walking in remote areas in their work as a PhD candidate at Loughborough University.

Alison will make connections between contemporary art and outdoor/mountain cultures by using ‘micro navigation’ as a way of experiencing urban walking and becoming more aware of the subtle changes in the street and ground levels. Measuring the distance travelled by timing and pacing. Maps will be provided.


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