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John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, Videospace, 1970. Courtesy the artist and LUX

John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, Videospace, 1970. Courtesy the artist and LUX

Events - Film

Made For TV

Part I

14 Jun 2013

12noon - 7pm


The Space

Works from the history of artists' broadcasting will be presented on a number of TVs in The Space. The showreel will run continuously throughout the day. Get your TV dinner at Cafe. Bar. Contemporary and settle on the couches for the following -

John Hoppy Hopkins - Videospace (1970)
Recently rediscovered tape of early video experiments by John Hopkins and the TVX collective. Includes material comes from a fragment of the Videospace happening, which took place in a television studio of the BBC: a never transmitted experiment with early examples of live video-mixing.

Ann Magnuson & Tom Rubnitz - Made for TV (1985)
In Made For TV, Tom Rubnitz created a television video about television. Punctuated by the static of purported channel hopping, it is a 15-minute portrait of pop American culture.

Stuart Marshall - The Love Show (1979)
Love on Television / Love of Television.

General Idea - Test Tube (1979)
Presented under the brand "The Color Bar Lounge," a cocktail bar in the mythical 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion, the program is a hybrid of popular television formats, including talk show, soap opera, news magazine, and infomercial.

Ilene Segalove - More TV Stories (1985)
Ilene Segalove presents a series of true incidents involving the powerful influence of television on life, relationships, and attitudes.

Michael Smith - Mike Builds a Shelter (1985)
Mike Builds a Shelter is a performance comedy with apocalyptic overtones, a narrative extension of Smith's installation Government Approved Home Fallout Shelter/Snack Bar. In this darkly humorous morality play, Smith contrasts Mike's rural adventures in a pastoral landscape with his home fallout shelter.


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