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Listening Session with Joe Namy

Joe Namy, Red Filled the Intervals... Between the Musical Notes, 2012/17

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Listening Session with Joe Namy

03 Feb 2018

Join us for an extraordinary listening session on the history of music photography with From Ear to Ear to Eye exhibiting artist, Joe Namy.

As part of his installation “Red Filled The Intervals…Between The Musical Notes” the artist Joe Namy will host a listening session in our galleries, playing songs inspired by his research on the history and relationship of photography and music.

Free, booking required,
Sat 3 Feb, 2.30 – 3.30pm.

Joe Namy's work is often engaged with the unexpected turns of musical history. He has made projects that delve in to the overlaps between the musical, military and automobile industries, examining the intertwined politics of sound and conflict. Namy has written scores for construction workers to play with jackhammers and pneumatic drills, and his performances often take place on the street rather than in galleries.


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