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The Ruling Class, 1972

The Ruling Class, 1972

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Leaving the Fold

The Study Sessions

16 Jul 2015

6.30pm - 8.30pm
Free, The Studio
Graham Caveney examines themes of transgression and departure within the letters of prominent aristocrats. Jessica Mitford,sister of the last Duchess of Devonshire, was a human rights activist and journalist who renounced her aristocratic status to join the American Communist Party in the 1950s. Departing from her autobiography, Hons and Rebels, this session will explore examples of how British aristocracy has been historically represented throughout literature. 
This event is part of The Study Sessions, organised in collaboration with Five Leaves Bookshop.
Graham Caveney is a freelance writer based in Nottingham. He has written on music and fiction for the NME, The Face and The Independent. He is the author of the books Gentleman Junkie: The Life and Legacy of William S. Burroughs (Little Brown & Co., 1998) and Screaming with Joy: The Life of Allen Ginsberg (Broadway Books, 1999). His current project looks at the documented transgressions of aristocrats including the diaries of Jessica Mitford


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