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 Lace sample: Birkin cherry blossom. Photo by David Sillitoe

Lace sample: Birkin cherry blossom. Photo by David Sillitoe

Events - Special Events

Lace: Here: Now

Talks, demonstrations and workshops

09 Feb 2013 - 10 Feb 2013

There will be tours and trails around the building, lace making demonstrations and hands-on workshops and activities linked to our own “cherry blossom” lace design (discovered when the gallery was being built in a buried time capsule from 1847).

Open to all communities and families – grandparents especially welcome to share their lace-related stories and experiences.

Sat 9 & Sun 10 Feb 12 noon. From Reception

Spot talks: building tours with a special emphasis on the lace aspect.

Sat 9 & Sun 10 Feb 11-3pm. The Studio

Lace Workshop for families - Create your own lace drawings inspired by nature.

Louise West will bring some lace samples, run interactive lace making demonstrations and talk to people about her practice. Louise is a local textile designer who worked on reproducing the original Birkin cherry blossom lace pattern in a larger form which was then used in the final moulding process for our building panels, completed by Nottingham firm Trent Concrete

Sun 10 Feb 12-2pm.  The Studio

Lace sample viewing: Judith Edgar, Collections Access Officer from Nottingham City Museums and Galleries will be bringing the original Birkin cherry blossom lace sample. Come along to handle the very special lace sample and talk to Judith about its history.   

Thu 14 Feb 5-9pm. The Space

Sonic Lace

New College Nottingham Present numerous music, sonic and multimedia works based on Nottingham’s lace heritage. Creative use of music technology - incorporating sound design techniques with contemporary music arrangements and innovative multimedia.


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