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Angola Independence

Angola Independence



Events - Live

Kembasemba – Angola Independence

at Cafe.Bar.Contemporary

12 Nov 2010

Kizomba Yeto in conjunction with Cafe Bar Contemporary are delighted to present the Angolan Independence Day party. A.I.D.P. will celebrate via cultural and rythmic flavors of Angola in order to mark and honor the independence of Angola (11th November 1975 A.I.D.P will bring you influences from past and present Angola adopting traditional and modern music, dance and food.

This event will showcase the richness and diversity of Angolan culture, an opportunity to learn about Angola and enjoy aspects of its cultural wealth.

Free entry, 6.30pm - 2am, full line up below

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Kizomba dance performance and workshop by Mr Kizomba.

Kizomba is Angola’s biggest musical export enjoying growing popularity in Capo Verde, Portugal, France, Spain and the UK. Taking influences from francophone Caribbean Zouk, Cuban salsa, Argentine tango and Angolan semba. Kizomba combines a romantic sensual flow, sung in Portuguese , with a laid back yet insistent electronic percussion section. Kizomba is danced in pairs with partners moving very smoothly and close together. As a key member of the highly acclaimed dance performance trio Coruja e Corujinha, Mr Kizomba has toured the world performing Kizomba and now teaching in collaboration with Kizomba UK the pioneering UK Kizomba dance group.

7.45pm - 8.20pm
Percussion and song by the Kamba Semba percussionists

The Angolan Resident community group of Nottingham joined in percussion and song by the Kamba Semba percussionists presenting a rich sample of traditional Angolan artistic flavours via instruments, dance and song.

8.45pm - 9pm

Hip Hop /Rap performance from an eclectic mix of friends who six years ago came together to form the group in the city of Torres -Vedras, Portugal. Singing Portuguese hip hop and rapping - this will be a rare opportunity to see Angolan artists using modern musical art forms to demonstrate the richness of their culture.

9.15pm - 9.25pm

Kuduro performance by The Kaemchis

The roots of kuduro can be traced to the late 1980s when producers in Luanda, Angola started mixing African percussion samples with simple calypso and soca rhythms to create a style of music then known as “batida”. Influenced by European and American electronic music that had begun to appear in the market, Angolan musicians were attracted and inspired to incorporate their own musical styles.

The music will be accompanied by a dance performance by Mora and Tozao who first met in Nottingham after living in Portugal, where they danced for musicians such as Rei Helder buraka sound system.

10pm -11pm

Kamba Semba Live

Kamba Semba originated in late 2005 when Ney Corte-Real played percussion for a dance performance in a village festival. Here he met John Berry and both musicians discovered they had a common interest in Latin music.

Kamba Semba perform live regurlarly in Nottingham and on occasion for the Angolan Embassy.

11pm - 2am

DJ Alonso and DJ Trivela

Resident Angolan DJ's playing a mix of Kizomba, Zouk, Sukuss, tarraxinha, samba and much more.

A delightful variety of Angolan cuisine will be served from 8pm - 9pm


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