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Ryan Trecartin, K-CoreaINC.K

Ryan Trecartin, K-CoreaINC.K (section a), 2009, Image courtesy the artist

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Katie Kitamura and Hari Kunzru present Mika Rottenberg and Ryan Trecartin

Video Archived Online

09 May 2012

A discussion between two leading contemporary novelists accompanies a cinema screening of two artists' films: Mika Rottenberg's Squeeze paired with Ryan Trecartin's K-CoreaINC.K.

Kitamura and Kunzru will address the issues at play in the work of both artists: from the body, personal identity and performance to systems, capitalism and affective and precarious labour. They will discuss how the concerns of contemporary art are shared by their own contemporary fiction: power, submission, and gender roles in the case of Kitamura, and the play of global networks and social forces in the shaping of contemporary identity in the case of Kunzru. They draw on these ideas, and on their knowledge of the work of both artists, as well as the content of a lengthy interview with Ryan Trecartin, published in edited form in a recent issue of Frieze magazine.

Chaired by Phil Leonard, Reader in Literary Studies and Critical Theory, NTU and Abi Spinks, Assistant Curator, Nottingham Contemporary.

Nottingham Contemporary’s public programme is jointly funded by Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham.




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