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Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation

Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation

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Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation

24 Feb 2017

Taking their moniker from the notion of ‘Liberation Upon Hearing In The Between’ from the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation took little time to make their mark on the wider world, brandishing a radiant sound that stands effortlessly apart from the increasingly staid and often paradoxically predictable world of modern psychedelia.

Having already been nominated for a Swedish Grammy with their debut EP, Diamond Waves, their full-length 2015 debut on Rocket Recordings, Horse Dance marked out a territory in which beguiling repetition could sashay with sweet pop suss, melodic flourishes with experimental intensity.

Their second effort Mirage, which follows only a year after its predecessor, sees the band sculpt sprawling, hypnotic jams into elegant nocturnal serenades with such serendipity that their actual creation remains a little hazy even to the band themselves.


Josefin Öhrn will be supported by Cowtown.

Initially formed seeking an antidote to a perceived over-earnestness amongst the Leeds post-hardcore scene and a desire to fill LS6 basements with party starting punk rock, Cowtown have outlasted early peers and sweaty basement hangouts to spend more than a decade as one of the strongest pulses to circulate the city’s DIY community.

Simply getting better with age, the ebullient trio of David Michael Shields (drums), Hilary Knott (keybass/vocals) and Jonathan Nash (guitar/vocals) play econo, dynamic, over -stimulated rock music that embraces a heavily abridged history of rock n’ roll. Serious about fun and drawing influences from bands such as The Coneheads, Devo and The Breeders, Cowtown’s songs are distilled into their absolute fundamentals. It’s not about what they want but what they need, with the delivery being as urgent and tightly wound as possible.

Cowtown deal in tight, lean, joyous post-punk for our times, music with an emphasis on positive expression and confronting collective anxieties, cemented with live shows that focus on what they enjoy and discard the rest. Serrated guitar hooks cut through the air with razor-sharp precision; glottal vocals ricochet off a marauding low-end that’s part Vice City soundtrack, part Devo-gone- disco; no second feels wasted, no element superfluous.

Ultimately a triumph of durability Cowtown’s sound grows ever more defiant with each passing a year, their shows — as anyone who saw their recent nationwide tour with Deerhoof can attest — a celebration of music making sans the surface level aspiration and over-the-shoulder trend watching of bands who’ve lasted a fraction of their existence. “We’re still the same old dorks out for adventure and good times,” Nash says. “We’re not exactly cool, in fact we’re through being cool, but we love playing together and our friendship is beyond blood brother tight so it’s unlikely we’ll stop unless we run out of ideas or our limbs/organs/mind pack in on us.”


Plus DJ Cherrystones on the decks:

He can effortlessly turn the dullest event into an iconic happening, having already Dj'ed alongside Danger Mouse, Six Organs of Admittance, Edan and the final Libertines shows, to DJing the final freak-outs at All Tomorrow's Parties(Shellac curated 2002) and Green Man Festivals. Bands such as Wolf Eyes and Dead Meadow now personally request him to open their shows and tours.
Cherrystones is the sound of psychedelia-soundtracks-folk-rock-prog-noise-moog-AND-library-records. Music that takes its inspiration from rock n roll and applied in a hip-hop context. Cherrystones is undeniably an excavator of exciting, but unfamiliar genres.


8:30pm -  Doors (DJ Cherrystones)
9:15pm -  Cowtown

10:30pm -  Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

Tickets £7.50 advance

Please note, this event is suitable for over 18s only.


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