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The Critical Currency of Caricature: Jason Barker's Marx Reloaded

Jason Barker, Marx Reloaded Produced by Medea Film – Irene Hofer in cooperation with Films Noirs for ZDF

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Jason Barker introduces Marx Reloaded/ Marx Returns

Video Archived Online

24 May 2012

Why is a new generation of philosophers, artists, and activists, returning to the thought of socialist philosopher Karl Marx? Many of these voices are featured in Marx Reloaded: a cultural documentary written and directed by British writer and theorist Jason Barker.

Opinions on Marx’s relevance to the global economic crisis emerge via interviews with John Gray, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, Nina Power, Jacques Rancière, Peter Sloterdijk, Slavoj Zizek (and others), combined with animated scenes following Marx's adventures through the matrix of his own ideas.

Jason Barker’s introduction to the screening includes a sneak preview of his forthcoming project, Marx Returns: a fully animated feature film based on Marx’s letters whose visual language draws on the 19th century illustrated press. Barker will discuss the evolution of the Marx character in both films, presenting artwork for Marx Returns and other caricatures and comics that have inspired him - together with critical reflections on the cultural anxiety surrounding Marx, how he is characterised (or caricatured) as a thinker and historical figure and the difficulty of representing him on screen.

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