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Image courtesy of James Riley, 2012

Image courtesy of James Riley, 2012

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The Bad Trip: Film, Counterculture and The Death of the Sixties

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31 Jul 2012

Anachronistic refugees from a lost counterculture with talismans turned tourist trinkets, Upritchard’s hippies and holy fools embody a frustrated search for communal utopia or mystic communion. Departing from this critical motif, a film season offers a rare chance to see works by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Peter Whitehead – two iconic protagonists of 1960s and 70s cult cinema.

This introductory lecture explores the apocalyptic imagery that permeates the representation of certain late-sixties events and artefacts. With excerpts of film music and visual art, Riley will discuss the symbolic status of 1969 as a terminal point at which the decade’s earlier optimism gives way to death, violence and ‘bad craziness'. 

Dr. James Riley is a researcher whose interests range from Beat poetry to ufology, and who is currently collaborating in the organisation of Peter Whitehead’s archives.