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Jimmie Durham, Untitled, 1991. Courtesy collection M HKA.

Jimmie Durham, Untitled, 1991. Courtesy collection M HKA.

Events - Talks

Provocations of Gaia

With Isabelle Stengers

17 Feb 2015

6.30pm - 8.30pm 

Free, The Space 

Human-centred perspectives on the planet have annexed other ways of knowing, knowing that is situated between species, between natural and human entities, between disciplines and between writing and action.

Leading philosopher and eco-feminist Isabelle Stengers reclaims knowledge based in magic, sorcery and animism and proposes a de-colonisation of thought from the rational tradition to engage in ethical, provocative and anti-capitalist environmental actions. 

Following a presentation Isabelle Stengers will be joined in conversation by Sarah Whatmore, Professor of Environment and Public Policy at University of Oxford. Her research focuses on cultures of nature and interrogates the ways in which human relations with the natural world are imagined and practiced in the conduct of science, governance and everyday life. 


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