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I'm Not From London Present Chambers

I'm Not From London Present Chambers

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Chambers, DiabloFurs & Minatore


25 Feb 2017

I'm Not From London Present a free evening of rock, punk and garage bands to be played loud and in your face!


Influenced and inspired by horror films, Hull/Leeds duo Chambers spark a hint of the mysterious and arcane about everything they do, embracing the 'darker side'.


Diablofurs turn their thoughts back to late 70s and early 80s with a pulsating percussion, a fuzz of guitar, and vocal which scatter showers of speed across the audience. This is music for an all-nighter, dayer, and next night too!


Minatore (meena-tour-ray) are a 'Dirty Coal-Faced Rock n Roll' band from Notts & Derbyshire inspired by humour, tragedies, perspective, and avalanches. For a two piece, they kick out some seriously big riffs and brutal beats, having
that early 90s grunge sound fuelled by the energy and exuberance of youth.


Please note, this event is suitable for over 18s only.

Doors 8pm



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