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Huang Yong Ping, photo courtesy of the artist

Huang Yong Ping, photo courtesy of the artist

Artist's Talk by Huang Yong Ping

Bat Project IV, 2005 Photo Walker art center, Minneapolis Courtesy Huang Yong Ping and Yu De Yao

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Artist's Talk by Huang Yong Ping

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16 Apr 2011

A rare opportunity to hear Huang Yong Ping speak about his work. He is joined by Lydia Yee, Curator at Barbican Art Gallery, who curated his 2009 exhibition in The Curve.

The Space, 3pm, £3 (free for students).

Nottingham Contemporary’s public programme is jointly funded by Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham.



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Added Monday, 18 July, 2016
Lovely! It is great to hear how strong you have become. Well done for you! Even though I am ‘retired’ and a full-time carer looking after a large house and garden and taking care of all the wild birds, a fire I keep in 24/7 and all the other stuff with blogging, meditating etc, etc, I still have the feeling I should be doing more! My thing is going back to sleep after a dawn peace meditation and then feeling guilty I am not up &#a6;21early’!H8ve a great weekend!Lovexxxx