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Hacker Farm

Hacker Farm

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Hacker Farm

Private View Party

25 Jan 2013

Doors from 6.30pm. Performance from 8.30pm, followed by a DJ.

The Space


The unique electronic musical collective Hacker Farm will be playing live at our new exhibition official launch party following our private view from 6.30pm. Hacker farm describe themselves as “a celebration of the home-made, the salvaged and the hand-soldered. DIY electronics performed on obsolete tech and discarded, post-consumerist debris. Make-do and mend. Broken music for a Broken Britain.”

“Before Punk, there was Noise. Before Rock n Roll, there was Noise. Noise has always been there, buzz-buzz-buzzing in our eardrums. It is part of a proud artistic lineage that can be tracked back through the Dadaists, the Futurists and beyond. Noise is eternal. It is the soundtrack to our industry and our cities, our anger and our dreams. ”

Expect circuit-bent mayhem, cassettemulch and modified-toy noise. A bit like Punk, but without the three chords or the riff borrowed from The Kinks.

“weirdly enveloping and captivating. Once you find a way into their world, you lose yourself in it, and it's harder to find a way out than you might imagine. There's certainly nothing else quite like it out there” - the Guardian

Hacker Farm is made up of Farmer Glitch, Kek-W and Bren

Limited complementary drinks courtesy of ABSOLUT Vodka.



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