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Image courtesy GIAP

Image courtesy GIAP

Events - Talks

Aesthetic and Autonomy

GIAP Workshop

12 Mar 2015

2pm - 5pm

Free. Off-site, PRIMARY

GIAP: Grupo Investigacion en Arte y Politica, was formed in February 2013 by Alessandro Zagato and Natalia Arcos as an independent, militant research group. The focus of the group is on political and aesthetic aspects of specific social and revolutionary movements of the present.

In this workshop, GIAP look at the poetic and aesthetic body of the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional), which the artists see as a key feature of the revolutionary politics of the Zapatistas. Using the workshop GIAP invite participants to reflect on how the poetic body of the EZLN could link with contemporary art; the way it is organised; and its urgent need for renewal. 

Places are limited, in order to reserve a place please email



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