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05 Mar 2011

While the NME ran the first of many national live reviews, citing Gaffa as “ the ‘Nottingham Band “. It took sounds to pronounce Gaffa “ - plain and simple - the band, full stop”. Evans and the boys then did all the gigs culminating with the John Peel Show in 1979.

International recognition came in 2007 when Henrick Bech Poullson’s book “77, The Year of Punk & New Wave championed the real value of all things Gaffa.

So now, the songwriting team of Wayne, Orchestrater John Maslen and Sonic Architect Clive Smith the Myphalator with drummer Simon Bowhill, make their debut at Nottingham Contemporary.

This showcase of songs, variously described as ‘jazz punk’ or ‘pop’ …very listenable.’ in the gamut of reviews past and present, includes such firm favourites as ‘Stage Gear’, ‘Man With A Motive’ , ‘ Attitude Dancing ‘ and the classic “Back To Villainy'.

Free at Cafe.Bar.Contemporary, music starts around 8pm


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