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Dr Patrizia Riganti

Chatsworth House

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Dr Patrizia Riganti

Lunchtime Tour

02 Sep 2015

Dr Patrizia Riganti holds a permanent position as a Lecturer in Architecture at the School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham. Dr Riganti’s research focuses on urban sustainable development and on the assessment of urban policies related to cultural heritage conservation, cultural diversity, sustainable cultural tourism and energy efficiency. She is a member of two ICOMOS International Scientific Committees: on Economics of Conservation and on Energy and Sustainable Development. She is a member of the UN-Habitat Partner University Initiative (UNI-Habitat) and one of the 40 signatories of the UN-Habitat Tampa Declaration, 2013. She is a World Bank consultant and has carried out several research projects funded by Governmental Agencies, International Research Centres and the European Union.

12noon - 12.45pm

The Galleries, Free.

No need to book. Meet at Reception! 




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