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The Do–It–All Dating Game

Image Credit: Oriana Fox and John Kilduff

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The Do–It–All Dating Game

12 Apr 2011

This live dating game – hosted by Oriana Fox and John Kilduff (aka Mr Let’s Paint) – has been devised by recent graduates from Nottingham Trent University, Clare Harris and Jennifer Ross the founders of The Cutting Room. It will be filmed and streamed live online. Games will involve drawing, cooking and general rushing around as contestants try to win a date with performance artist Eirini Poulaki and a ‘surprise man’.

How to Win a Date

Are you a person of many talents, charm, intelligence, with a great sense of humour, but you still can't get a date? Finding it difficult to balance a busy work-life with a hectic social calendar? Torn in many directions but still want to find that special someone with whom to share all of life's joys and challenges? Here's your chance to put your multi-tasking skills to the test - all in the name of love! Become a contestant on the Do-It-All Dating Game, hosted by John Kilduff (a.k.a. Mr Let's Paint) and his doting assistant, Oriana Fox. It's just like 'Blind Date', but updated to suit our frenzied, 21st century lifestyles! Available bachelors and bachelorettes will compete for one another's affections and the chance to win a fantastic evening for two.

To be a contestant for a chance to win a date email your name and a little bit about yourself to

The Space, 7pm, free.

Nottingham Contemporary’s public programme is jointly funded by Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham.



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